Image Capture and Upload Program (ICUP)

Version beta

by Chris Gingerich -
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I know there are A LOT of image capture and upload programs but I wanted one that worked quickly and just uploaded and copied the URL to the clipboard. So I created ICUP. It automatically uploads to a linked account. There are a bunch of other image sharing sites but this is the one I use. I may add support for others in the future.

Please see for more information.

To Use:
Run ICUP.exe and if it is the first time it will ask to link it to your account. If you do not plan on using ICUP to upload then you can skip this step. ICUP is a portable application and will save all needed data to the same location as the ICUP.exe.

ICUP will sit in the system tray. Use the hotkey to take a screen capture (default is F9). Once the capture is taken it will upload to (of linked) and copy the URL to the clipboard. Double click on the tray icon to view the history and change the hotkey. Once selection has been made you can press the Enter key on your keyboard to capture and upload. You can right click on the selected area to get more options like copy to clipboard and open in Pixlr. You can also move the selection "window" and reselect your capture area.

Press the Escape key on your keyboard to cancel a capture.

Click the down arrow on the history window (in the lower right) to change the hotkey.

Right click on a item in the history box and you can copy the URL, copy image to clipboard, edit the image in Pixlr, or remove that URL from the history (it does not delete the image from

You can also drag and drop images on to the history window to upload. A URL will be created for each one and added to the history. Supported image formats are JPEG, GIF, PNG, APNG, TIFF, BMP, PDF, XCF (GIMP).

You can view all of the images in your history by clicking on the Thumbnail Page button. It will create a temporary HTML page that shows all the images in your history. They can be clicked on to view the full image. You can see an example by clicking the link below.

Example of the thumbnail page

To uninstall:
Run ICUP and right click on the tray icon. There will be a menu item called Uninstall ICUP, click on that to uninstall. The main program will be delete including the saved data. You images will NOT be deleted from your local system or removed from

You can upload to a specific album on your account using this feature. The album must already exist. Open the ICUP.ini file and add Album_id= in the Settings section. Then you need to put the ID of the album you want the images uploaded to. To find the album ID. Log into your account and click on an album. In the address bar you will see something like The string between a/ and #0 is the album ID. Put that in the Album_id and then run ICUP. Any uploaded images will be added to that album. It should look something like:


- Windows XP Pro or higher
- The faster the system the better. It might be slow to capture of it is an older system.
- Internet connection


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Version History
=============== - Added advanced feature that must be set in the ICUP.ini file. Upload to a specific album - Removed support for (service no longer exists) and added support for Added Save To Evernote if Evernote for Windows is installed. - Added option to auto-save image if upload fails. - Fixed bug in update system - Added update system. Right click on try icon and select Check for update. - Added Copy to clipboard back - Added image preview to history window. - Removed copy to clipboard menu item for image. Changed screen capture method to hopefully improve capture speed. - Added support for Opening/Editing images in Pixlr. Removed the left click to copy and made a context menu. - Added a save option to the right click menu when selecting the capture area. Made the icon change with red "recycle" symbol when uploading an image. Fixed drag & drop upload bug. - Fixed bug when taking screen shots back to back. - Added Thumbnail Page button to create an HTML thumbnail of all URLs in the history for easier viewing. - Updated the screen selection code. Fixed bug where it would not always capture windows that were set ontop. - Beta release - Added options to view image and copy URL after upload. - Beta release - Added help menu item. Added install menu item when operating in portable mode. Updated about information. Added option to make right click copy the URL instead of left click.

1.0 - Beta release